Day 1: A Call to Action


Missions exists because worship doesn’t. –John Piper

People all around the world in this very minute are busy chasing, idolizing, loving, and savoring the things of this world over the Creator Himself. As Christians who care about God, the outcry of our hearts should be a desire to proclaim to others who God is, that He might be seen and savored as He deserves. This is the ultimate “why?” of Govember.

I feel it important to belabor this point simply because of how prone we are in this cultural context to approach the Christian life from a more intellectual bent. We can attend church services, Cru large groups, listen to talks and conference messages all for the sake of growing in our knowledge of God, not realizing that this can’t be an end in itself. If merely knowing about God were of primary importance, the devil himself would be in good standing! Our knowledge of God has to move us to worship him. Indeed, the first commandment is to love God not only with all your mind but also with all your heart. (Mark 12:30)

In light of this, here’s my point: if we are to be a people committing to ‘going’ not just for the summer but with our whole lives, we must have hearts that worship God. Not only this, but our passion for God himself (yes, even over and above a passion for people) is the only thing that will sustain a lifetime devoted to missional living. Zeal for God must fuel a zeal to reach people.

When I start my devotions I always pray along with the Psalmist: “Lord open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things in your Law.” (Ps. 119:18) Why? Because the goal of this time is to restore my heart to genuinely worshipping and delighting in God. The famous words from the old hymn ring true as I start every day– “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.” The battle for treasuring and being satisfied with all that God is for me in Christ happens at the start of every day with my bible in hand. The goal of our devotional lives ought to be restoring our hearts to worship.

Therefore, I want to start off this Govember blog with a call to action. We’ll never actually be a going people if we aren’t first true worshippers. What are the things you are tempted to value over God? Let’s commit as a movement to start off every day of this thanksgiving break by praying and reading our bibles. Only by withdrawing and spending time meditating on his words will be able to become the kind of people who “go”.

If you’re new to daily bible reading, here’s a good place to start. Try reading every day through the Gospel of John and answering the following two questions:

  • What does this passage say about the condition of man before God?

  • What does this passage show me about who Jesus is and what he has done?

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Scott Thomson