Day 7: Let's Do Something Extraordinary

This happens to be the tagline for the Cru Summer Mission promotions. 

Coincidentally, I’ve been thinking about this term ‘extraordinary.’  It’s been a consistent theme in the last few weeks as I meet with the Lord.  I’m not entirely sure why it has been a consistent theme, but I’m going with it.

I think inside of each of us there is a desire for, or to be extraordinary.  I think, given the opportunity, we would like to be recognized for doing something extraordinary.  Creating the next cool start-up company, revolutionizing social media, developing life-changing scientific research…all could be categorized as doing something extraordinary.   However, if we look statistically at such innovations, discoveries and trends, there are very few of us who will lead globally in these ways?  I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but there is only one Mark Zuckerberg (or insert any innovator of your choosing).  Or we want to participate in things that would cause our friends to oooo and ahhh over how cool our Instagram posts are because we are doing extraordinary things in extraordinary places.

I think as I evaluate my life and my gifts, I’m probably not going to be ‘the next big thing.’  So what does this mean for me?  Well, I think that it means I need a God defined view of extraordinary rather than one defined by the world.  Maybe its more like this, extraordinary is the sum of ordinary faithfulness lived out consistently over time.  If I walk faithfully with Jesus, seeking to obey Him daily and follow wherever He leads, He can create something extraordinary through me.

Missions, may not be the ‘sexiest’ thing as viewed by others, but they provide opportunities to live in ways that over time are a faithful investment in things that matter to God trusting that He will in turn do something extraordinary.  Check out how this happened through a simple conversation.

Scott Thomson