My last college retreat

If this is the last retreat I get to go on in college, I’m so grateful it got to be this one! It was an incredible experience to be in such a beautiful setting and to enjoy so many of the things New Hampshire has to offer. I’ve never gotten to go snow shoeing before, and I almost didn’t but am so thankful I was talked into it. I got to enjoy nature in an extremely unique way while bonding with some incredible, Christ-loving women.

Something I really appreciated about the talks was the level of vulnerability. There’s something really special about being surrounded by other women who are going through the similar experience of living out their faith in Jesus in a college campus in one of the least-Christian regions of the country. The staff of Lifelines set a precedent of openness and vulnerability that allowed the rest of us to follow, and I felt like so many friendships grew deeper because of it.

One of my favorite memories from the weekend is from late at night, me and some other girls were walking outside and ended up laying in the snow side by side while looking at the incredible New Hampshire night sky. We got to talk about God’s greatness and His vastness and yet marvel at how He is still such a personal Father. This weekend was full of moments, lessons and truths that I’ll never forget, and I’m so thankful for it!

- Haley Malin

Scott Thomson