Pushing the Limits

God began working in me before the trip, teaching me patience when I didn’t receive the sponsor money until the week it was due. He taught me that He provides and that even when we feel like something is impossible, it’s very possible for Him.

 As soon as I signed up to go to Dominica, I knew that my limits were going to be pushed and that I would have to leave my comfort zone, but I didn’t know exactly how. I realized I’d have to be more social than I currently am but I didn’t know that God would push me emotionally, physically, and spiritually as well. There were moments when I felt discouraged, and told God that I probably knew less about Him than the people we were going to speak to so I wouldn’t be an asset to the team. As we spoke to students, I realized the heavy Catholic influence on the island. That was something that I could use to relate to the students due to the fact that I grew up in a Catholic family. We spoke to students at every stage in their faith and realized that even though I couldn’t name every book in the Old Testament in order, I know about how God has worked in my life and in others’ lives around me. Simply by sharing how God moved in my life, others would want to come to Him.

 Looking at the bigger picture, our presence on the island in itself gave them confidence to proclaim God’s name boldly. Seeing the difference that our presence made, gave me confidence to share the Gospel. Some students didn’t realize that they needed a fellowship like Cru until we sat down to pray with them. We found students that had no friends because of their faith, students struggling in their faith because their friends weren’t leading them towards Christ, and students that only realized they wanted to be a part of a Christian movement after seeing one and hearing about it. Just radiating God’s love, being a light, will attract others to you.