What is 321 Go?

In all the activities I’ve been a part of at Cru, none have excited or terrified me as much as 321 Go. First let me clarify, this was not a crippling fear; it was more of a “leap out of my comfort zone and a large step of faith in relying on God” kind of feeling. Before 321 Go, I had never walked up to a stranger and had the first words out of my mouth basically say, “Hi, I’m a Christian. And what’s your name?” Simply saying your beliefs and asking others to talk about their beliefs is a very different experience, and one that our culture encourages us not to do. But after every 321 Go meeting, I would always be so filled with joy and energy that I couldn’t help but smile. Being part of spreading God’s Word is an amazing feeling, and it takes the knowledge of the Bible that I have learned and brings it into action. 321 Go has helped me learn to trust in the Holy Spirit and gain a deeper reliance of the Bible.

Austin Kopp

P.S. If you’ve never done anything like this before, I strongly suggest that you go. You are not pushed off on your own and held to impossible standards. You are learning with other brothers and sisters in the faith, and will be helped by those who have done it before. It really is a great experience.

Scott Thomson