A Broken Down Car Became a Blessing from Jesus

As I left work on Tuesday night, I was ready to head to Cru. I was particularly excited about Kelly’s talk and connecting with everyone. I was looking forward to worship and fellowship. As I turned on my car and left the house, my Subaru Outback did its usual thing, made that blessed sound that started the car, heated up in a few minutes, and with half a tank of gas was ready and able to head to UConn from West Hartford. Five minutes from work, the engine was making BAD noises, the check engine light began flashing, and I prayed that I would be able to make it back to work before my car broke down completely.

I did make it to my bosses’ house though the fear of what was wrong with my car crept in. Could I afford it? How would I get around? I had an exam Friday, would I be able to get there? I entered the house with my key and sat at the table where I would stay to figure this whole mess out. I started by calling a tow truck, one that would be free thanks to my oil change package. After struggling to find some information the tow company needed, they were ready to find someone to tow my car. While waiting, my boss and I took a look at my car to see if we could figure out the problem. My boss looked under my hood and stated “it doesn’t look good.”

It was an hour before a tow came. Two men came with the tow truck to take my car to my repair place in Vernon. I was planning to go with them and Uber home. My boss wouldn’t have it. It was night and he didn’t feel comfortable with me riding in a car with two men that were strangers. He kindly drove me to the car place to ensure that my car got there and afterwards, home. This was the first sign of God’s love for me that night.

I entered my house ready to figure out my transportation for the next few days. I looked into renting a car which would have been expensive, out of budget, and hard since I was under 25.  I posted on the Cru Facebook group, along with reaching out to a few people I felt might be able to help. Within a few hours, I had a ride to school for the next day and car to use until my car was fixed. Those needs being met allowed me to feel God’s presence yet again in this crisis.

In the morning, I was able to call my car repair shop and ask them to look at my car which was now in their possession. Less than an hour later, they called while I was on my way to school. It was good news. The car had a minor issue and would be able to be fixed by the end of the day. On top of that, the repair was well within my budget. As you may have guessed, I felt the Lord supporting me. But it was what the car repair company said next that gave me real clarity. There was something else that my car needed to have repaired that if it wasn’t could damage my engine badly. Not only was the current issue with the car solved but because of this issue, I was able to prevent any other potential damage that could have resulted in me being without a car long-term.

The car was ready for me on Friday morning with all necessary repairs done. On Friday night, I returned the car that I had borrowed and enjoyed some time with friends at the Ron-A-Roll event. It gave me a chance to connect and do what I would have done at Cru earlier in the week. Everything came into place even as Saturday came and I needed a ride to get Blueberry (my Subaru). It just so happened that a friend was in the area where I lived just when I needed it.

During the time when my car was being repaired, I got accepted into the London Summer Mission. This week’s clarity led me to have more faith that the Lord cared and loved me. I knew I need not fear about support raising or anything else that might hold me back. “The Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one” 2 Thessalonians 3:3.  

I learned that when I lean on others within Christ’s body, things that could be disasters become blessings in disguise.

Yours in Christ,


Scott Thomson