Spring Break!

So close! Just a few more days! I hope you can all finish out the week strong, knowing we get enjoy a nice break from class next week! 

In lieu of a devotional this week I just wanted to write a little something about break. We all may have different plans; some of you will go home, others will go on vacation, and then some are going on mission trips with Cru. Whatever you are doing, God can use you, and can use that time. I pray that you wouldn't check out for a week, but that you would use this time to seek God, to ask what he would have for you regardless of what your plans for break for. Whether relaxing at home, or going on a trip, this week is an opportunity to know God better, to make Him known to those around you, and to grow. We have a break from school, but please don't use this as a break from your faith. I'm praying that God would use this week to teach you something and to refresh you in your walk with Him.

Enjoy the week and looking forward to seeing you when we get back!

In Christ,

Scott Thomson