Thinking About Summer

As many of you may know, tonight at Cru we have a group called The Traveling Team joining us to present on global missions, God's heart for the world, and how we can be a part. The team is excited to be with us, and I hope you can all make it out for that!

As the semester begins to wind down here (only 5 more weeks!), I'm sure many of you have begun to think about your summers. Many of you probably have jobs, or internships lined up, or plans to travel, or to visit friends and family. Maybe some of you are going on summer missions projects. Whatever you have planned for this summer, it is important to start thinking about how the Lord may use you. He has a plan for every one of our summers, whether we are specifically doing missions work or not. Being a missionary, and a light wherever we are, and wherever we go is one of the most significant callings of the Christian life (Acts 1:8). From being a source of love and encouragement to coworkers, to initiating spiritual conversations with friends and family, there are so many ways to integrate your faith into your summer plans. 

It is important to start thinking about these things now. Talk to one another, to connecting groups, staff, other believers, to anyone that you are walking alongside in faith- talk to them about how you can be a light this summer in whatever field God is placing you. Most importantly, talk to God about the plans that He has for you, because rest assured He has a plan. Begin to pray about the ways the He could use you this summer. We are preparing as a movement to go out from UConn, wherever the Lord may be taking us this summer, remembering always to bring with us the message and love of Jesus Christ. I'm asking you to join with me in this, to not shy away from opportunities to be a light this summer. Now is not the time to "take a break" from our faith, but to strengthen it, and to multiply it. Let's get ready to go!

Mark 16:15
He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

In Christ,