Why Fall Getaway?

Why Fall Getaway?

Welcome to the Cru's Letter! I'm sure everyone was bummed about the cookout being postponed last weekend right? Well, we're all in luck! Tomorrow we're going to be having our campus cool down- this means ice cream, a whole lot of ice cream, lawn games and fun! Hope to see you there- you can find more info above and in the Facebook event! Also to note, Tuesday's weekly meeting will be in Monteith 104 for this week only! 

If you've been around Cru in the past you have probably heard about Fall Getaway. If you are new then I'm here to tell you about it now! Fall Getaway is one of our biggest events, and it is definitely my favorite. Here's why....

I got involved with Cru as a freshman and Fall Getaway was one of the first big events that I took part in. I walked into the weekend retreat knowing some people, recognizing a few faces, with some uncertainty about what to expect. I headed back to campus with incredible memories, great friends, and a ton of excitement for what the rest of the year would hold. Fall Getaway is a time where you truly have the opportunity to connect with people, connect with God, and be challenged in your faith. I remember great conversations, fun games, and great messages/seminars/quiet times throughout the weekend. While this description is admittedly vague, it is hard to put such a powerful experience into words. I felt that I had truly become part of an incredible community, that clearly was passionate about Jesus Christ. That weekend freshman year built a lot of momentum in my life, pointing me towards the Lord, and I have certainly come a long way since. 

I would ask you to seriously consider coming with us to this year's Fall Getaway. I promise you that it is a weekend worthy of your time- whether you have been heavily involved with Cru or have never been to a meeting before. It is an incredible time, I hope to see you there!

Matthew 16:15
15 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

In Christ,

Scott ThomsonChristian, Groups, UConn