Gospel Fluency

Our large group meetings are underway.  It was a blast gathering together, hearing stories of how God has been at work in your lives and worshipping through music.  We also spent time looking into God’s word to help us see, hear and understand the gospel, the good news of Jesus.

Our teaching theme for most of the semester will revolve around the idea of gospel fluency.  If the gospel, is God’s good news of rescuing, redeeming, forgiving us from our sinful state, then this should be a message that we are fluent in.  We, as Christians, should know this message inside and out, backwards and forwards and up and down.

We are going to look at the Bible and take a deep dive into what the gospel is, what makes it so good, who it is rooted in and what it means for our lives.  We believe this message to be critical both for the Christian, the follower of Jesus, as well as those who don’t consider themselves Christians.  Why might we think this topic is so important for those who don’t call themselves Christians?  Because we think that if your are fluent in what the gospel message is, then you can, from an informed position choose to accept or reject it.  You will be able to make a decision about Christ and Christianity from an informed position, not assumption, presupposition, misinformation or hearsay.

Would you join with us, every Tuesday at 7:30pm in Schenker Hall.