Launching A New Semester

It is late August, and that means the start of another school year.  All over the U.S. universities will be welcoming the class of 2022.  As a movement at UConn we too will be welcoming a new class of 1st year students.  A new year and a new class means reaffirming our call as an organization.  We are a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus.  As we live this out, there are some things that we have identified as priorities to help us continue to live this vision out.

We seek to be a movement of multiplying disciples.  What does this mean?  As followers of Jesus, we want to see our faith multiplied in the lives of others around us, creating a chain of disciples who make disciples, who make disciples, on and on.

As we live out our vision we want to be committed to every.  This means every student, faculty and staff.  This means every ethnic group and cultural background.  This means the poor, broken, hurting and marginalized in our community.  This means around the world as well.

Being committed to every would not be possible unless we courageously cross cultures.  As we live out our vision we recognize that we need courage to go to places that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable, to enter into the mess and brokenness that is our world so that the gospel might reach every.

Our last priority of embracing vulnerability is more of a posture than anything else.  It speaks to how we want to go about multiplying, reaching every and crossing cultures.  We want to do so recognizing we are not perfect.  We too are broken and sinful and in need of Jesus. 

Would you join with us as we launch and build movements at UConn and around the world?