Briefing and Schedule

Technishce Universität Wien

Technishce Universität Wien



Before we go overseas, Vienna participants will meet in one location. This is called the Briefing conference because you will be briefed together on what to anticipate during your summer of ministry. This time will also include:

– Establishing a vision and goals
– Praying together for the summer
– Ministry orientation and training
– Cultural adjustment training
– Learning to work together as a team
– Checking your support funds
– Completing important forms

Briefing will be June 10 – June 11, 2019 in Storrs, CT (you will be notified if these dates change). We will leave for Vienna directly from briefing.

About one month before the Summer Mission you will want to arrange your transportation to the briefing, as well as your return home after arriving back at Boston Logan Airport after the trip. If you drive to briefing, make arrangements for your car because you cannot leave it at the hotel for the summer! If you need to fly to briefing, fly into the BDL Hartford/Springfield airport. Please do not make domestic flight reservations until you confirm the details with your Team Leader.

Please arrive by 12pm on June 10th.


At the end of the summer mission trip, we will take time to debrief and evaluate your experiences. You will have the opportunity to share what God has done and talk about any difficult experiences you may have had.  Instructions will be given on how to deal with re-entry culture stress and other feelings you will probably have once you return to your routine back in America. Training will also be given on how to incorporate what you have learned into your life back on campus or in the work place. Our debrief will be some where between Kitzbühel and Salzburg, Austria.

Daily Schedule

You will receive an overview of a suggested daily schedule of activities at your Briefing conference.

Spiritual Preparation/Spring Training

To prepare yourself before departure, we recommend that you daily seek God through personal devotions, prayer, and Bible study. One of the most valuable tools you will have this summer is your personal testimony. Think about and practice sharing in 3-5 minutes how you became a Christian and how you have seen God work in your life since. If you have not written your testimony, see How to Prepare and Tell Your Story. Make sure you can communicate your story in a very natural and conversational manner. This will be your number one tool for sharing with students this summer. We also require that you memorize and practice sharing the “Four Spiritual Laws” or “Would You Like to Know God Personally” booklet. The more familiar you are with this booklet and its contents, the better.

Prayer Requests

Begin praying for the students you meet to:
– Have open hearts and minds
– Receive Christ
– Grow in their faith

That you and the other Summer Mission participants will:
– Be able to raise the needed support
– Be sensitive to God’s leading
– Not be kept from going due to parent’s fears, or financial/academic pressures

That your Team Leader will:
– Be given wisdom in helping you get prepared
– Be able to raise their support

That the Global Missions Director and Summer Missions Coordinator will:
– Be able to confirm all travel arrangements
– Be able to accurately work with the myriad of details that this generates.

If you know others in your area who are also going this summer, join with them to pray.