A&O Hostel Wien-Hauptbahnhof


Most of you will be staying in a “hostel” right near the main train station and the Cru office. Most likely there will be 2 to 3 of you per room with your own bathroom. There is also a laundromat service in the hostel.  Your roommates will be made up of those on your team of the same gender. Breakfast is served each morning in the Hostel as well.

The hostel itself is a two minute walk from the Cru office where many of our meetings and team functions will take place. It is also 5 minutes from the main train station which give you access to anywhere in Vienna.


You will receive a weekly per diem that will fully cover all food and living costs. You will be able to visit a nearby grocery store for unrefrigerated food you would like to have in your room. Breakfast is included at the hostel. Most lunches and dinners will either be in the university dining halls or restaurants and street vendors.


WiFi is readily available in the hostel, Cru office, on trains and university campuses. We will also talk through low cost options for how to adjust your cell phone plan to allow for you to use it in Vienna when WiFi is not available. We have already factored some of this into the support you are raising. Please do NOT plan on receiving snail mail or packages during our time in Austria.