International and Domestic Travel


Your first objective for going on a summer mission is to serve Christ. With this in mind, decisions concerning flight deviations or flight packages are made to benefit the entire group rather than individual preferences.

Coordinating the travel for a summer mission is a six-month process that culminates with the departure and return of each and every summer mission participant. Your reservations for May are initiated in January. In order to secure enough seats for everyone and the lowest airfare for the summer mission we have signed a contract with a travel agency, which necessitates our traveling as a group. You may not travel apart from your team.


You are responsible to make your own transportation arrangements to and from your Briefing location in Storrs, CT. Check with your mission team leader before making final arrangements. You will need to fly into the Bradley Hartford/Springfield (BDL).

*Unless you live close enough to drive, you will need to purchase airline tickets.

Paying for Your Domestic Flight

You have three options:

1.  You may pay for the flight up front using your own personal funds. Then you may raise additional funds (above the regular summer mission cost) to cover the cost of your domestic travel and send it in with your contributions in the normal way. You can then be reimbursed for your domestic travel, if there is enough money from the support you raised to cover the expanse. By law, you must request the reimbursement no later than 90 days after purchase. If funds are not sufficient you may be refunded only a partial amount or nothing at all.  The following are required for a reimbursement:

  • For a paper ticket, attach the “Not Good For Passage” portion of your domestic flight ticket.

  • For an e-ticket, attach the printed itinerary which includes the flight information and price.

2.  You may pay for your flight using cash or checks (made payable to you instead of Cru) from donors. Remember, these people will not be able to get a tax-deductible receipt because they are giving the money to you, not to Cru. The IRS only permits tax deductions if a donation is made payable to a non-profit organization rather than an individual. This option is not reimbursable from your personal account with Cru because you are not using your Cru funds.

3.  You may be able to arrange for domestic travel expenses to be supplied through your church. Donors would make their checks payable to your church and would be receipted by the church. Your church would then write a check to you for the total amount received from these sponsors to cover the cost of your flights. This option is not reimbursable from your personal account with Cru because you are not using your Cru funds.