You have the exciting opportunity to raise the funds necessary to pay for your summer mission cost. Over the next few months, expect to see the Lord provide for these needs in amazing ways! Although you are not obligated to do so, most participants raise their funds because they don’t have the personal finances to cover the cost.  It also follows a biblical pattern of allowing others an opportunity to share in your missionary work.

Understanding God’s Heart and Word

The best way to begin the support raising process is through prayer and Bible study, discovering what God has to say about financial support.  A Biblical perspective on those tough questions and concerns will help thwart doubts and attacks by our adversary.  After digging into God’s Word, you will definitely be better prepared for the “Nuts and Bolts” of raising your financial support!

Please download these personal Bible study materials and spend some time discovering what God’s Word reveals about this opportunity to raise financial support:

Why We Do Ministry Partner Development and God’s Heart for Missions

Understanding the Tools for Raising Financial Support

If you’re reading this section of the website you have probably already received a letter and an email from the summer missions coordinator. These were sent to give you an introduction of the support raising process as well as detailed instructions for handling donation checks. If you have not received the letter or the email, please contact the summer missions coordinator at kyle.wietsma@cru.org.

  • The Cru MPD website is a great tool made available to you as a step-by-step guide for raising financial support as well as an online system to produce reports of the donations received. It’s a great way to track your progress towards raising the financial support needed for your participation on the mission. It also provides a helpful guide to write letters and make phone calls.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the MPD Website will display only donations received to your account.  Personal payments such as a check written by you for the initial deposit will not be displayed on the MPD website, although they are included in the total amount raised for your participation.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: When donations are given online through bank draft or credit card transfers, there is commonly a delay of 5-10 days before funds are actually transferred and displayed on the MPD website.