Other Expenses

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Vienna University of Economics and Business


Living on Assignment Money

You will be given cash each week to pay for your in-country expenses such as transportation and meals.  This money comes from the funds you will raise for your summer mission cost.  There will be clear explanations of what the purpose is for each of the amounts of money you receive.

Extra Expenses

As you prepare for the summer, you will have extra expenses that can be reimbursed from your personal account with Cru.  These expenses are: postage, black & white printing and envelopes for your support letters, long distance phone calls for Ministry Partner Development, immunizations, and your domestic flight (See the Domestic Flights section).
You may only reimburse these expenses (if you have all your receipts) at the end of the summer from extra money you have raised and is left over after the cost of the mission is paid.

You will complete the necessary reimbursement request forms during your Briefing. There are some creative things you can do to cover the cost of these extra items without spending your own money.  You could make a list of certain items that you need and ask your friends or Bible study members to sign up on the list and indicate which item they could buy for you.  Or maybe your home church could designate a special offering to be used toward these extra expenses.

Personal Spending Money

The money you raise toward your summer mission cost will cover all of your needed expenses in-country.  However, you may want to bring an additional $200 or so of your own money for personal spending.  You may want to buy some souvenirs or gifts to bring back to family, friends and financial sponsors. If you dobring your own money, travelers checks are the best way to carry your money. In most of our summer destination cities, global ATMs are available for cash withdrawal of local currency. To learn about ATM use in your team’s destination city, please contact your Summer Mission Team Leader.

Who to Call With Questions

Please know that your Team leaders are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have, especially in the area of finances.  Keep them informed of your progress and let them know if you have any prayer requests.